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Garður - Ártún 3, 800 Selfoss, Island.Tel: +(354) 482 3925. e-mail:
Udhus - Kirkebakken 1, 4320 Lejre, Danmark. Tel: (45) 4648 0620, e-mail:
Küche - Wohlthöfenerstr.10, D-27729 Axstedt , Deutschland, Tel: (49) 4793 421420, (49) 173 2346874,
+ - Screen on travelling laptop computer, e-mail:

Founded in May 1999 and closed in May 2006 after 22 exhibitions. We invited artists to exhibit in four spaces at the same time: - A garden in Selfoss Iceland, a yardhouse in Lejre in Denmark,a kitchen in Bremen Germany and on a travelling laptop computer screen that was added in January 2002. The exhibition place was run by four artists and was located in and by their homes.

The web serves to show material about the artists and their exhibitions.

GUK+ has been documented on it's own website from the beginning.

Exhibitions in GUK

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